Thursday, 14 April 2011

Front Desk

Im working the graveyard shift at the front desk of this rundown ass hotel. Hopefully no homeless people or crackheads come in and I can get some sleep. There's something that should be a priority for me. I have another shift at the restaurant almost as soon as Im off front desk duty. Hopefully I get off before midnight because I have another midnight shift at the front desk of this place. Hopefully I don't get schedule to work the day after at the restaurant because Im still in training duty and if I've been up for 3 days it might look like Im a bad worker and they will fire me. Then there's the checks the post dated checks I need for rent. I should of had them by this week, after working around the clock the whole weekend the soonest I can possibly get them is this monday, when the banks are open. Thats if I don't completely crash out and sleep for a few days. I hope she won't be too mad...


  1. Dude... sorry. Night jobs are no fun! your whole life gets turned inside out! blah! least it pays better then a paper rout!

  2. Night shift at a hotel sucks. Even though you don't work as hard, its pulling yourself half-asleep up to the front desk to help some moron at 4AM that really gets you.